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Timmer & Judkins is delighted to announce the admission of one of our esteemed attorneys, Nate Borland, as a Fellow of the prestigious Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers.

The Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers recognizes outstanding trial lawyers who spend their professional live seeking justice.

Fellowship in the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers is by invitation only, upon sponsorship and recommendation from peers and judges and unanimous approval by the Board of Governors. Fellowship is limited to 250 attorneys who have displayed exceptional skills and the highest integrity, and who have dedicated their professional lives primarily to trial practice.

Nate, one of our firm’s five Iowa native attorneys, has consistently exhibited a passion for the law, unwavering dedication to his clients, and an exemplary commitment to the principles of justice. His admission to the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers is a well-deserved recognition of his outstanding legal skills and contributions to the field, particularly in a courtroom.

This achievement not only reflects Nate’s individual excellence but also speaks to the high standards and commitment to quality that define Timmer & Judkins as a law firm. We take great pride in having such accomplished individuals on our team, and Nate’s admission to this prestigious academy further solidifies our commitment to providing exceptional legal representation. Nate joins Brooke Timmer as a Fellow of the Academy.

Please join us in congratulating Nate Borland on this significant accomplishment. We are confident that his continued dedication to the practice of law will bring further success and recognition in the years to come.